VR180 - Utimate Live Video Stream Experience

With a technical team specialised in live streaming and broadcasting, we will advance the development of live immersive experiences. We are proud to come out as 360° enthusiasts, aiming to provide the greater experience.

We believe that Live VR180 will provide the best of what VR can offer, simply using a headset and browser.

Our recent camera, the VR180 provides users 4K live stream resolution with 30fps.


Our first product, a kind of prototype, with a few hundred samples, is fully functional and we are already able to produce 5MP live stream with a subsecond latency.
It has been design for live stream chats, to feel closer to the subject without any postprocessing step
It can be also used to stream in VR live events, concerts, drama shows, meetings and more.

Several other cameras are in production and will coming soon, increasing the image quality and video size, up to 4k and more.


High quality video live stream
Up to 4k
Dual lenses camera
We reproduce human stereoscopic vision
Extreme low latency
Subsecond latency for live chat experience
Dedicated Web XR interface
Need only a browser in the headset
VR180 custom SBS live streams
For an ultimate inmmersive feeling


We have developped our own dual lens camera from scratch to propose the best product quality and the best user experience. Our team is still improving our solutions and searching how to deliver the best quality / price compromise.

We develop the hardware but also the network layer, to publish live streams with subsecond latency, and also the software side, the VR player for the headset to offer a full working solution.

Stay Tuned !

We are launching very soon ...

Our next product : a VR 180 USB-C Webcam will come soon (early 2024).
A dual lens 4k USB Camera dedicated to live VR180 streams with a resolution up to 3840 x 1920 for SBS format (1920 x 1920 per eyes).
No external power supply.
Fisheyes SBS Output Stream Format.
No internal stitching processing.
Our target price :
$199 only !
Exclude Tax and Shipping
Leave us your email below, and we'll notify you when we start shipping the new VR 180 cameras


Our cameras are currently being used for various entertainment purposes, primarily adult live chats.

We are aiming to increase widespread use in public sectors and mainstream entertainment.

Use cases

Our VR player

Our VR player can be fully customisable and we can integrate all the features you need. We use the WebXR technologie, based on web standards. No need plugins, the player works on all web browsers.