About Us

“We believe that Live VR180 will provide the best of what VR can offer, simply using a headset and browser.”

Our History

A new experience for us

With a technical team specialised in live streaming and broadcasting, we will advance the development of live immersive experiences. Developing an hardware product is for us a new and big challenge.


Our Story

Passionate about technology in general, internet and networks in particular, for more than 20 years, we have followed with interest the arrival of VR headsets and various dedicated content.

Evolving in the world of live video, one observation quickly emerges: how to make live video (VR180) on a VR headset, for live chat or real-time events broadcasting (concerts, conferences, theaters, etc …).

After some research and numbers tests of all kinds, we discovered that no cheap webcam or VR camera is available on the market.

We therefore decide in 2022 to start the adventure and create our own VR180 webcam, with sufficient characteristics to produce a good quality VR180 stream.

A little over a year later, we are pleased to offer you the VR.cam 02, a 4k binocular USB-C webcam camera, with a resolution of 3840×1920 @ 30 fps.

Our Future

Growing !

Our recent webcam, the VR180 provides users 4K live stream resolution with 30fps. Several other cameras are in project, research and will coming soon, increasing the image quality and video size. Stay tuned !

Core Values

Less is more. Make thinks as simple as possible.


We love innovation and new technologies

French Touch

We are proud to be a French company

Live Stream

We want to develop live stream events and chat in VR


Key People

Small team but with a large knowledge panel and more than 25 years of experience in web, technology and network




Developer & Designer