New VR180 USB-C Webcam 02

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Up to 3840x1920 @ 30fps 02

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Our webcam, the 02 provides users 4K VR180 live stream & resolution up to 3840×1920 with 30fps.

  • $ 199,00 exc. VAT

    A dual lens 4k USB Camera dedicated to live VR180 streams – Resolution up to 3840 x 1920 in SBS format


We have developped our own dual lens camera from scratch to propose the best product quality and the best user experience. Our team is still improving our solutions and searching how to deliver the best quality / price compromise.

We develop the hardware but also the network layer, to publish live streams with subsecond latency, and also the software side, the VR player for the headset to offer a full working solution.

VR180 SBS Video format

This type of video format makes it possible to recreate, when played in a VR headset, the volume effect of human stereoscopic vision. While 360-degree media has been around for a while, the lack of stereoscopic depth was a limitation. With VR180 cameras, content creators can now easily capture immersive and lifelike experiences for viewers, replicating the volumetric rendering of our human vision.

Unlike monoscopic 360° images or videos, VR180 content uses two wide-angle fish-eye lenses to capture a 180° field of view. This approach eliminates the need for seams and ensures the correct proportions of the contents. With greater depth, objects appear more real and unwanted elements outside the camera’s field of view are not visible, improving the immersive experience.

Who we are ?

With a technical team specialised in live streaming and broadcasting, we will advance the development of live immersive experiences. We are proud to come out as 360° enthusiasts, aiming to provide the greater experience.

We believe that Live VR180 will provide the best of what VR can offer, simply using a headset and browser.

Use cases & prototypes

We are aiming to increase widespread use in public sectors and mainstream entertainment : live events, concerts, theaters, live chats or adult live chats, etc …

Our webcams ( 01) are currently being used for various entertainment purposes.